TIMU Description

Target Inquiry at Miami University is an exciting, 2½-year, rigorous, and transformational professional development program designed to improve the frequency and quality of inquiry instruction in high school chemistry. The TIMU program: 1) provides teacher participants with an authentic chemistry laboratory research experience; and 2) facilitates the integration of their research experience into their classroom through the design, implementation, and evaluation of inquiry-based curricula. The program is translated into three major program components: a research experience for teachers (RET), inquiry materials adaptation (MA), and action research (AR) delivered in six discrete components to ensure that teachers are prepared for each experience, have opportunities to reflect on their learning, and can apply what they have learned to their own teaching. For more details about these experiences, click here.


These six components are delivered in six courses at Miami University.


Teachers take the research seminar (CHM 710c) to enable them to get acquainted with resources and facilities as they prepare to conduct research the following summer in Oxford at Hughes Laboratories. As the TI program course work transitions to inquiry classrooms during the next academic year, so does the physical location of the graduate courses. Alternate locations convenient for participants will be considered for subsequent TIMU program courses. The majority of the course work for TIMU teachers will take place over three summers; however, two courses will meet in spring and one course will meet monthly over one academic year. Courses meeting during the school year are built around your school calendar and school day. TIMU meets the needs of teachers with or without their master’s degree. If you have an advanced degree, you earn 15 graduate credits to help you advance. If you are seeking a master’s degree, all 15 credits in TIMU may be applied toward Miami’s M.Ed. program. Advising to enroll and progress in the M.Ed. program is available to TIMU teachers. Visit Application Information to learn more.