TIMU Teacher Support

We recognize that the teacher commitment we are requesting exceeds that of the majority of typical PD. Although we know the benefits to classroom practice, student outcomes, and professional fulfillment produced by this program are priceless, we offer a high level of professional and financial support. Each TIMU teacher will receive approximately $13,000 in support to work toward 15 graduate chemistry credits at Miami. Support includes:


  • scholarships (tuition for 15 graduate credits valued over $7,500);
  • stipends ($4,750 over 4 years);
  • a classroom award ($500 to use at the teacher’s discretion); and
  • travel to two chemistry conferences (up to $1,750).


The Target Inquiry model has been tested at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and has shown to increase instructional quality and student learning outcomes in chemistry. Teachers with 2-20 years of experience have found the program to transform their teaching and their students’ learning.